Arwyn DreamWalker

Arwyn DreamWalker is a teacher and healer of the Medicine Traditions of Turtle Island (North and South America). She has travelled to Britain and Europe for over 20 years bringing an impeccable standard of ceremony and teachings, and a vision of life that holds at its heart a deep devotion to the sacred.

DreamWalker is lineage carrier of a Navajo Grandfather, a beloved elder, whose Hogan (sacred house) was always open to those who would come to receive teachings, regardless of race, tribe, nation or religion, and whose dream it was to bequeath a living spiritual tradition to the next seven generations, a dream of people coming together, of restoring Grandmother Earth and all upon her to hozzho (beauty / balance). DreamWalker embodies such a living tradition, true to Grandfather’s cusp of impeccability and innovation, and supported by teachings by indigenous Medicine People across Turtle Island, as well as training in the Old Keltic ways, holding a doctorate in psychology and working for over 30 years in practice as a family therapist.

DreamWalker teaches a way of prayer, of the truth of the heart, of the rigour of love’s compassion and the sacred honouring of the Earth and her Treasures.