Morningstar Lodge

The MorningStar Lodge is a modern day Mystery School founded by the Métis Medicine Woman Arwyn DreamWalker. It offers a spiritual tradition in service of the discipline of hope, and of humanity’s co-creation of a future for all life on Earth.

Across history, Mystery Schools have sought to address the vast potential of consciousness including and beyond the rational mind. These teachings cultivate the ecological and mythological intelligences of shamanism and the Dreamtime as well as the aesthetic, ethical and visionary capacities of an evolving humanity. As a mystery school, the Morningstar Lodge offers a Medicine Path of service rather than a set of techniques, and does so in the light of the Morningstar (the constellation or planet that rises with the dawn) which shines as a beacon of hope as it heralds the new day. As a lodge (a communal dwelling, a term most commonly used by the first peoples of North America), the work of the Morningstar Lodge is as a lodging place for both wisdom and knowledge, as well as a school for hope and transformation.

Lodges currently meet in Germany, Ireland, the Reunion Islands, Switzerland, the UK and the USA. Teachings are offered through public retreats with DreamWalker in most of these counties, as well as through a path of personal apprenticeship to those who are called. Some of those who have completed the (typically 10 year) apprenticeship also teach and travel internationally as Journeyers. The work of the lodges includes mutual support for the spiritual quest itself alongside witness and activism in service of a balanced ecology.

This website serves as a portal to the work of the lodge internationally as well as to provide resources and links that may be of interest.

Blessed be.
May you walk in beauty.

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